Playing Pretend

I’m not rich and I’m not famous but from time to time I will pretend I am. Just the other day while I was walking down the street I noticed man choking. I knew I had to act quickly to save him. I’m not going to lie to you but I had to perform some sophisticated maneuvering to clear his airways. As the onlookers began to surround us they became nothing more than background noise while I focused on the task at hand. Thankfully my superior skills allowed me to same this man.

Yeah, this could have been a great story. Pretend that it is.

No offence but I am thankful.

I know that at times my rants can ne sharp and cold to the touch. I know that the some might believe that my views are just too opinionated. I know that there is typically a time and a place for this… this is MY time and this is MY place. I am not trying to make my story better than yours as it’s just a point of view. I have defiantly had my struggles and I anticipate there are more to come. Regardless of the number of days, good vs. bad, I have come to understand that it’s the experience that make me who I am. It is the people, my family, that I plan the future for. I have what I have and for that I am extremely thankful!

Protect the truth.

So some time ago I was given a vision, or perhaps I was hallucinating… I am really not sure. Regardless, a moment of clarity was just that, a moment. Now before we get to what it was I think you should understand that all these facts are made up to protect the truth.

We are free!

We come and go as we please, life is easy and we answer to no one.

How true or not true?

Now that I have you thinking, or totally baffled you can absolutely admit that you are now processing things just a little bit different. That is the first step to real freedom and when you are looking for answers you just need to remember… “facts are made up to protect the truth”

Zombies (part 1)


It has been brought to my attention that the Zombies are loose! I had them all caged up in my back yard but it turns out that they can dig… Who knew? In any case I recommend that everyone bring me their money. I know that might not seem to help you but rest assured that I will feel better and that should count for something.

I will be starting a Zombie task force to help combat the threat. Douche Bags please apply! Your lack in brain power will offer you a cretin level or stealth from their ravenous hunger.

Stay tuned for further developments!

Think about…

Is Santa so jolly because he knows where all the bad girls live?