Dear Pennsylvania

Your roads are horrendous! I almost cannot even fault your citizens for their poor driving. First of all, ON and OFF ramps should really be more than 3 feet long. You are not even giving them a chance to merge. As frustrating as it is to be behind someone that chooses to STOP on the ramp before entering the highway I’m not sure it’s really their fault. I almost have more room in my kitchen to maneuver my car than what you give to a ramp. Passing lanes! What are those? This is how I imagine a conversation that might be had with some fellow travelers on the Pennsylvania roads. Not even breaking the speed limit I find myself driving is a zigzag pattern while I pass the slower motorists. It’s not all bad, for a time I was able to feel like a professional race-car driver, the underdog coming up from behind unexpectedly to win the race!

Don’t be a Dick

The more I look around I have to say that I am disgusted with you all. Humanity! Get you priorities straight and shape up. Your time is running out. You are wasting your world because being a Dick is more important than… being human.

Fractures of life

From time to time I get the feeling that the world is spinning too fast. Out of control and about to crash, overwhelming feelings of helplessness fill me. What are we doing? Why the rush to see our ends? Bitterness, selfishness, entitlement… The distance from human to human is growing and our connections are being cut while the elutions of connections are painted in virtual space.

Step back for a moment and see how alone you have become. Now pause, look around. This is your life. Smell the air while the clouds slowly drift by. You’re experiencing life. In this moment while your virtual mask is off new experiences are yours. Take them.

Living is not the picture created from a keyboard. Fractures of them and us and you are all anyone sees. It’s all getting lost in the cliff notes of life.

It’s almost too late.

Fix it!