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No offence but I am thankful.


I know that at times my rants can ne sharp and cold to the touch. I know that the some might believe that my views are just too opinionated. I know that there is typically a time and a place for this… this is MY time and this is MY place. I am not trying to make my story better than yours as it’s just a point of view. I have defiantly had my struggles and I anticipate there are more to come. Regardless of the number of days, good vs. bad, I have come to understand that it’s the experience that make me who I am. It is the people, my family, that I plan the future for. I have what I have and for that I am extremely thankful!

Protect the truth.


So some time ago I was given a vision, or perhaps I was hallucinating… I am really not sure. Regardless, a moment of clarity was just that, a moment. Now before we get to what it was I think you should understand that all these facts are made up to protect the truth.

We are free!

We come and go as we please, life is easy and we answer to no one.

How true or not true?

Now that I have you thinking, or totally baffled you can absolutely admit that you are now processing things just a little bit different. That is the first step to real freedom and when you are looking for answers you just need to remember… “facts are made up to protect the truth”



It appears as if I have lost my direction. Though, I am fairly certain that there was no direction when this story book started. Today we will direct all attempts at normality in the direction of increased cell phone usage by Americans in response to the rising fuel costs.

We will start this with an earth shattering series of nouns and adjectives mixed with a collection of verbs and punctuation.

It is apparent to most that cell phones are the only solution to this fuel crisis. While we can not afford to heat our homes, we can still talk for 2000 minutes every month while still paying one monthly fee. Trouble at the pumps? Did you know that call waiting, caller id, and voice mail is standard with almost every cell phone carrier in almost every package?

Cell phones! What can’t they do?

Original Post: February 20th 2006

Stop your Bitching


I swear to God that you just bitch too much! I honestly do not understand how you can get up each and every morning an deal with the pathetic reality that is your life!

Now I feel better. Did you ever have that kind of a day where you just want to tell all the lazy self absorbed people you deal with that they are not the only person that matters? Somehow you would think that people would get a clue but the unfortunate  truth is that Humans are just too stupid for their own good.

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