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this never ending


Perhaps that will be the future of music leaving my body. I sincerely enjoy the name in that it symbolizes a lot more than it should. I also enjoy the reality that this is a name many can relate to. It does not need to relate directly to any specific event, life, fear. It just has so many possible implications. I can insert this phrase into a description of all feelings inside me, all worries, all fears, all events, sights. It almost feels like too right of a title for my musics.. I can not tell yet if i want this to be my music making name as a solo “artist” or if this will be the new album name. Fortunatly I am under no pressure other than that of my label to finish this album before the end of the year. Giving me many moments to ponder the proper way to use this name, whether album title or for my “name”.

political poison


So it’s been some time sense I’ve addressed you all but you need to understand that my time is valuable. You are indeed richer now if you are reading this. The feeling of warm joy floods you as you brows this site.

We need to talk! I have a very bad taste in my sole right now. A taste of filth and lies and politics. Yes, politics! It’s time ones again for you all to filter through the propaganda and smoke being blown. It’s not even a question of the truth any more, or what they will do for you. It’s selecting the lesser of the evils.

The Fact is that I do not take sides. One party is not better then another and one person is not entitled more then another. Life is not about political agenda and it’s not about the petty drama created by small minds.

I am truly beside myself. It seems pretty simple. Life is doing the right thing, being fair, help each other… If that’s too complicated then you do not deserve this world.

… So much bad in this world all because humanity was given an ego.

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