By fear that this blog thing is being taken too seriously, I will announce my retirement from the blog scene, at some point.

For now, I believe it is time for me to tell you a story of how today went. Today went great, I was called upon to do a task I did not want to do. I did it. I had enough time to do some other things I had been putting off. So, I did them too. At some point in the day, an elderly woman with a fake british accent shouted out “Ladies!” Apparently, this is how you would go about getting a males attention in the “old days” in fake england.

Being an expert in mental handicap, I came running to her aid. She slurred out a pre-stroke rant about a blue robe.

Her best friend Linda, we call her that, told me that my shirt looked nice while utilizing a slightly southern accent.

I solved the great blue robe mystery while ending the flirtatious comments of Linda, we still call her that, with a quick “I know!”

In a perfect blindfolded stab at a british accent, Linda uttered the words “Such a lovely lady.” to her friend, fake brit.

While the accents left me wondering, the commas kept me coming back.

Original Post: February 15th 2006

Let’s kick this off! First you should know that this site is dedicated to the memory for a good friend we died before his time. Greg Solomon was a genius with the web in his own way. He seemed to have great ideas daily and had the talent to implement them.

Pretend I’m God was one of this many creations but as fate would have it, after his death silence would fall on the site. There were no more stories, no new creative rants. In time the site disappeared and content was lost. Owned by whoever for these many years I continued to try and take over the domain.

Last week I found that name was again available so I grabbed it. As I continue to build this site I will continue to add some of Greg’s original posts. I was lucky enough to copy what he had back then.