OK people! its a new year with new possibilities. Stop acting like babies and get back out there and be Awesome! I’ve made you all different for a reason. Don’t make me come back down there, there are a whole bunch of you that wouldn’t like me.


Some might say that we live in the greatest nation on the planet and while I agree, that could be changing rapidly. In the shadows of plain sight there are movements to change what makes us great. The very fabric of what makes a nation great is being unraveled by individuals that only seek their own personal gain. They only want your Clicks, your Likes and your Money! While today we exercise our freedoms every second of every day, those freedoms themselves add fuel to those who want to take them away. We sit behind our screens spouting off remarks and acting tough, sending others that don’t agree into fits of rage. Thus, becomes the Squeaky Wheel! One by one social media makes more and more Squeaky Wheels. Wheels that feel the need to be acknowledged or have a safe space to display their participation trophies of everyday life. Words of hate fly back and forth while closed minds and hurt feelings scream FIRE!

As the FIRE burns these platforms, corporations and politicians dig deep to appease the Squeaky Wheels. They don’t care about YOU, how you feel. They only lust for your clicks.  Fighting hard to silence those who only want to exercise the same freedoms. But you don’t Squeak, do you? You Live each day like the last, believing the good in others. You work hard and you’re a good person. You are the majority.

While they Squeak loud its almost defining! Those in power fear them while loving them. They are new NEWS and new click and new likes. They are income! So, the powers will bow to these few yet loud Squeaky Wheels. They will tell you they are right and you are wrong and that they can speak and you cannot. They chip away at your freedoms piece by piece. Their Freedoms are NOT your Freedoms any more. Your words hurt them and you are wrong. It’s the Freedom Paradox

It is without question that our time on social media is one of the worst things in modern society. Our continued addiction to these platforms that contribute to the spread of hate and false information.

See how they do it here!

Set yourself free!!

Why does Facebook become a JOB? At what point is it on your TO-DO list to review your Facebook feed to make sure that you are up-to-date on everyone else’s business? What about the life you are living? I am disgusted how real life, real friends, real Family are taking more of a back seat to the drama of Facebook. You might think that you are not on there much an you own posting activity might show that but spending every free second on your phone looking and messaging takes time away from the people that should really matter. This is why we fail! Our own greed to have something of our very own leads to secrets and lies. We pretend everything is innocent but we know if our significant others saw what we did on-line it would be the end to whatever relationship you might be hanging onto. Why is it so hard to just be happy with what we have rather than painting a fake picture of your life for the world to see? It’s not the real you at all. Why be fake? How can you pretend to care so much in one way yet the online profile of your life looks so very different? Who is it to impress and whose attention are you looking for?

It’s a new definition of honesty where sleight of hand can make you into anyone you want. But with anything that easy it will never last. You will create wounds that cannot heal, lose the most basic trust from those around you. You will not see it coming… But one day you will wake up alone and ask yourself what happened with no understanding that YOU DID this.

In time the truth will become clear but it will be far too late. Only then will you understand the frustration and pain that you caused living behind a mask.

Listen. Do not blame me for this weather. Or global warming. You should have been paying attention to the signs. You made your bed… The next move is yours.

What do you do while still remaining human?

From time to time I get the feeling that the world is spinning too fast. Out of control and about to crash, overwhelming feelings of helplessness fill me. What are we doing? Why the rush to see our ends? Bitterness, selfishness, entitlement… The distance from human to human is growing and our connections are being cut while the elutions of connections are painted in virtual space.

Step back for a moment and see how alone you have become. Now pause, look around. This is your life. Smell the air while the clouds slowly drift by. You’re experiencing life. In this moment while your virtual mask is off new experiences are yours. Take them.

Living is not the picture created from a keyboard. Fractures of them and us and you are all anyone sees. It’s all getting lost in the cliff notes of life.

It’s almost too late.

Fix it!

There is something that is bothering me. Lazy emails! What are you allowing to happen here? Why are you not reacting to this ever spreading epidemic?  You have all become slaves to your personal device and social network and your overwhelming believe and expectation that communication need to be quick is damaging the fabric of basic human interaction.

Email is not a text message. Your single word responses are not acceptable. I expect you to think before sending or responding to an email. Have you clearly expressed the point that you need to make? When responding have you answered all the questions? An email should not have to go back and forth 20 times to solve simple things and if additional information is required then you pick up a phone.

The bottom line is that shortcuts do not always save you time as repeating yourself will fill any void created.

Today is BS Friday.  It’s caused by the overwhelming laziness that had to be endured over the past week.

If you have been lazy this week then go away. If not you will be allowed to continue.

As the end of the school year closes in and the classes wrap up their remaining events I feel that a public service announcement is long overdue. We all want to capture the memories of our children as they give their all while they sing together and while the band plays. Families gather into the auditorium to prepare for their children’s performance. The video cameras are recording and the cameras are clicking. Or a smart phone that can do both.
That brings me to my point. As fantastic as smart phones are they only real limitation is the owner. I am absolutely beside myself with what I saw this evening. Those of you that think the mini LED flash is going to carry light much further then 1 or 2 rows are sadly mistaken. While you continue to record video on your phone, that mini spotlight just makes you an inconsiderate jack ass. And to the women who was using you video chat to share tonight’s event. Part of me wants to give you some props. The other part of me wants slap the shit out of you because the person on the other end of your phone would not shut the hell up!

Do you remember America Online (AOL) in the early days when it was just AOL with a limited connection to the rest of the web? It offered games, chatting and a forum to congregate with your online friends. It was really a single point to communicate with others. But that was not enough was it? We wanted more of the internet and more websites. We did not want to be STUCK in a single system. AOL grew and gave us what we wanted and the World Wide Web was ours for the browsing. We were no longer confined to the chat rooms of AOL and we were free to explore. Today the AOL of the past is gone, a thing of the past in it oh so obsolete way.

So many great websites come and go; each day was a new web adventure. Wow the internet is big and only getting bigger. If only there was a place where we could go online and keep in touch with other, chat or start a group. a single place we could go to do it all…

Well played Facebook! The lemming are ready to receive you now.