Back in my second year of playing professional baseball at the major league level, a fan was taunting me. I threw a baseball at his chest. Reasonable reaction? Yes.

Who am I?

Alright, it was me, and it wasn’t a fan it was my aunt. It wasn’t professional baseball, it was little league. Instead of her chest it was her face. Oh, and it might not have been a baseball, but instead a small child. No, it was definitely a baseball.

Did you ever go through a phase in your life where you spent most of your day trying to find a reason to use more math? This is the current phase I have found myself in. I imagine that it is based on this lack of education I am experiencing and a desire to keep my brain functioning. However, I have determined that it would be a more interesting self-diagnosis to assume that this is merely caused by lack of letters in my life and a need to fill that void.

There was going to be more to this but I have sincerely lost interest in writing about anything relevant to nothing. Tomorrow it is all about cookies and ice cream and phantom of the operas. Yeah I used an s. Was it by mistake? Perhaps

Original Post: February 17th 2006

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