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Original Post: February 25th 2006

Today I felt happy, then sad, then happy, then sad, then I felt this lack of motivation to do anything, to the point where I just stared at the wall for a minimum of 40 minutes.

While being pushed out the door I decided to give my day a little excitement, and amidst a snowfall of gigantic proportions, I put on my 10 year old dress shoes with absolute smooth treads.

At times, people ask me why I keep the shoes around. Why not? In the summer they work fine for doing pretty much anything I would do in a $100 pair of basketball shoes I would never use for the actual purpose of anyways. Should I start asking people why they are wearing basketball shoes while walking in mall? Of course not, I don’t go to the mall.

I once had a pair of boots that were 21 years old when retired, they would have been 22 this year. I got them from a squatter named Drew.

Me, Sarah, and Bill were on our way up to Ithaca and happened to see Drew and Kia (his traveling partner) walking down the street in Endicott. We, of course, picked them up and delivered them to Ithaca to attend our pseudo-party.

In the morning, we got the idea to fly signs and see how much money we could get for the two before they moved on to the next city (we did take them north, and they were moving south west.) Me, Bill, and Drew took one corner, and Sarah and Kia took the other. We got three bags of groceries, two pizza hut pizzas, and $120 in one hour. It was splendid.

Later that day, as we were getting ready to all head in separate directions, Drew noticed my boots were falling apart, so he offered me a spare he had in his bag. That’s all. I honestly just brought you through the story of how I obtained my favorite boots.

Anyways, the point of the story was me risking a nasty bruise or scrape by venturing out into heavy snowfall in shoes without any form of tread. I do this more often than intelligent people would believe. Shockingly, I have only fallen once this winter season. I only almost fell today.

While boots and shoes do not make good comedy, knowing that you all just read this garbage does.

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