Stop it, stairing me.

Original Post: February 21st 2006

Did you just push me down the stairs?

This is a question I find myself asking nearly three times a day.

When did it become necessary to ask such an absurd question? Since March 9th, 2002, that’s when.

Did we forget so soon? A mistakenly released document that found it’s way in to every world news agency’s hands. It probably hasn’t slipped your mind. You probably just missed it. After all, we all sacrificed after 9/11. I personally skipped reading the news every day. Instead, focusing on obtaining a bigger, more visible flag than my neighbor.

Turns out, the US Government decided it would be a good time to refine the list of countries it would be willing to attack with nuclear weapons if opportunity knocked. Strike that, WHEN opportunity knocks. Somehow, must have been terrorism, this list of 7 countries started scrolling across the bottom of all American news channels. Of course, a story of this size would not deserve actual voice mention. However, it was worth putting next to sports scores. Luckily, most of this audience was smart enough to go online and research this further, to find out that of those 7 countries on the list, a few happen to be United States allies not enemies.

I guess, since nothing has happened yet, everything will work out. We should all just keep telling ourselves that.

Remember the 22nd amendment? It was pretty great huh? See it in 6 years.. (February 17th, 2005)

Seriously, they should put guns in our mouths, at least that would give us reason to be playing this dumb.

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