The Freedom Paradox

Some might say that we live in the greatest nation on the planet and while I agree, that could be changing rapidly. In the shadows of plain sight there are movements to change what makes us great. The very fabric of what makes a nation great is being unraveled by individuals that only seek their own personal gain. They only want your Clicks, your Likes and your Money! While today we exercise our freedoms every second of every day, those freedoms themselves add fuel to those who want to take them away. We sit behind our screens spouting off remarks and acting tough, sending others that don’t agree into fits of rage. Thus, becomes the Squeaky Wheel! One by one social media makes more and more Squeaky Wheels. Wheels that feel the need to be acknowledged or have a safe space to display their participation trophies of everyday life. Words of hate fly back and forth while closed minds and hurt feelings scream FIRE!

As the FIRE burns these platforms, corporations and politicians dig deep to appease the Squeaky Wheels. They don’t care about YOU, how you feel. They only lust for your clicks.  Fighting hard to silence those who only want to exercise the same freedoms. But you don’t Squeak, do you? You Live each day like the last, believing the good in others. You work hard and you’re a good person. You are the majority.

While they Squeak loud its almost defining! Those in power fear them while loving them. They are new NEWS and new click and new likes. They are income! So, the powers will bow to these few yet loud Squeaky Wheels. They will tell you they are right and you are wrong and that they can speak and you cannot. They chip away at your freedoms piece by piece. Their Freedoms are NOT your Freedoms any more. Your words hurt them and you are wrong. It’s the Freedom Paradox