As the end of the school year closes in and the classes wrap up their remaining events I feel that a public service announcement is long overdue. We all want to capture the memories of our children as they give their all while they sing together and while the band plays. Families gather into the auditorium to prepare for their children’s performance. The video cameras are recording and the cameras are clicking. Or a smart phone that can do both.
That brings me to my point. As fantastic as smart phones are they only real limitation is the owner. I am absolutely beside myself with what I saw this evening. Those of you that think the mini LED flash is going to carry light much further then 1 or 2 rows are sadly mistaken. While you continue to record video on your phone, that mini spotlight just makes you an inconsiderate jack ass. And to the women who was using you video chat to share tonight’s event. Part of me wants to give you some props. The other part of me wants slap the shit out of you because the person on the other end of your phone would not shut the hell up!